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  • BRAYNE RWS, David

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    Artist David Brayne RWS was born in Lincolnshire in 1954 and studied at the Gloucestershire College of Art and Exeter University. He was elected to the Royal Watercolour Society in 2001.

    David Brayne’s artistic voice is one of quiet and subtle tenderness, which bears an affinity with that English tradition of humanistic landscape to be found in recent years in such artists as Richard Eurich and Sonia Lawson. It also embodies more purely formal, even abstract elements, which place the work within a very contemporary idiom.

    David Brayne has exhibited widely and been awarded a number of prizes including, the Discerning Eye Benton Prize 2011, the Chairman’s prize 2013 and the Chichester National Art Competition (1st prize in 2004 and 2nd prize 1997). David has been an exhibitor at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition for the past twenty years.

    In 2010 David Brayne devised and curated an exhibition, The Poet and the Painter, a collaboration between the Royal Watercolour Society and the Poetry Society, at the Bankside Gallery, London.

    At the opening of the 2015 Royal Watercolour Society Spring Exhibition, David Brayne RWS won the prestigious Turner Medal for Watercolour.

  • BROWNING, Marilyn

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    Marilyn Browning’s understated paintings are a treat. At first one sees a table, or a vase of flowers, a pair of shoes, isolated from their everyday surroundings. Delicate and dreamlike, her seemingly ‘simple’ canvases are instantly memorable. “Scraps of memory come and go, ideas come slantwise, one thought enlarges another, they appear random, unrelated, until suddenly and stunningly, they don’t. Links are made and the subject of the painting begins to reveal itself to me. “Freud referred to the unconscious as opportunist, and it is in this sense that painting can be understood as a kind of watching and waiting. It is sometimes during the still and concentrated observation of ordinary objects that partial memories and vague feelings begin to surface, and the lifelessness of these inanimate subjects become endowed with enough presence to be felt.” – Marilyn Browning Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 1999, Marilyn has steadily built a strong reputation and has exhibited widely, mostly in Cornwall and London.

  • DIXON, Rupert

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    Rupert Dixon graduated from Cheltenham School of Art with an honours degree in 1993, since when he has lived and worked in London. His work is internationally collected and in a Royal collection. It is inspired by the internal architecture and spaces of palaces, villas, opera houses and other grand buildings.

    Rupert Dixon seeks to evoke “The mood of the room removed from its utility” and using the scale and grandeur of his subjects he aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia for the splendours of the past. Combined with a strong element of the theatrical, evident admiration of the opulent idiom of the Venetian, Russian and Ottoman styles informs many of his paintings.

    Taking images of interiors he likes, Rupert Dixon rips them up and recombines them as mixed media works that then act as a cartoon for the oils. Rupert’s locations are not specifically identified by their titles and they have an ‘almost ethereal, dreamlike beauty’.

    Rupert Dixon borrows freely in a grand tour genre where painting is overtly a canvas for his own imagination. He leads the viewer through echoing halls, corridors borrowing from other rooms, crumbling spaces and features juxtaposed, a decoration that is almost literary.

    Rupert Dixon has sought inspiration from Lord Byron’s “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” and these works seem to echo his poetic passages:

    “Palaces are crumbling… even dearer in their day of woe than when they were a boast, a marvel, and a show.”

  • FAIRFAX SWA, Anabel

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    Annabel Fairfax SWA grew up in Suffolk and has painted all her life. She worked in the design studio at Colefax and Fowler and then studied photography with Georje Lewisnski before attending The Heatherley School of Fine Art.

    Annabel Fairfax has had several solo Exhibitions most recently at ING and The Ebury Galleries and has taken part in many group shows including The Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, The Albany Gallery in Cardiff for The SWA and annually for Art For Youth at The Royal College of Art, the Bembridge Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight, The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, The Society of Women Artists at The Mall Galleries, and The Hampshire Art Fair with Quiddity Fine Art.

    Annabel Fairfax was elected a member of the Society of Women Artists in 2011.

  • FAWCETT, David

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    David Fawcett is 48 and lives in Tunbridge Wells with his wife Jackie and our three sons Tom, Joe and James (and two West Highland Terriers Ted and Albi)

    David Fawcett is self-taught and has developed his painting style over the last twenty years or so. He always works in acrylic and most of his paintings are based on his observations. David has drawn a lot of material from memories growing up in Wales and from his experiences of married life raising a family of three boys. He has worked in London as a notary public for over 20 years and this has also provided inspiration for a number of paintings. David enjoys trying to find a humorous theme to a painting if he can. The title is also a very important element in this and again its something he enjoys trying to work out – using words to succinctly convey a situation that people might be able to identify with. Fundamentally though the painting has to “work and have energy” so the composition and colour harmonisation are the most important elements for him.

    David Fawcett has exhibited in a number of galleries over the years. His paintings have been used for greeting cards, an album cover, concert poster and also as a cover for a law book.

  • FRANKLIN, Linda

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    Having spent years  working on paper and exploring the exciting fusion between Chinese expressionistic ink painting with the dashing virtuoso style of  abstract expressionism my I felt ready to “return to canvas” with  colour  taking  centre stage.  My thoughts go from the   Scottish colourists, to Richter and and back to the wonderful Helen Frankenthaler.

     Although studio based many different things inspire me.  It may be a specific moment in life, or  witnessing the beauty and grandeur of nature or the hustle and bustle of the cities. Taking risks all the time, balancing the gap between chaos and control to ultimately produce harmony is how I work.

    Whatever the beginnings, ultimately, without recourse to realism, I want to create a space where it is possible to stop and dream a while. where the  paint is free to use its own unique, yet universal language to open the door to that special place, somewhere on the edge – between reality and fantasy.

  • GILBERT, Terence

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    From London to Venice, Paris to New York….. Terence Gilbert presents us with a fascinating collection of cityscapes. A diverse group of paintings which celebrate the beauty and spirit of many of our favourite cities. Rich in detail and highly atmospheric, Terence Gilbert’s paintings have an immediate impact and appeal.

    A Londoner born and bred, Terence has retained a strong allegiance to his roots and a passion for the city in which he grew up. Views of London, its buildings and monuments have always proved inspirational subject matter for Terence and the  Old Battersea Power Station and St. Paul’s Cathedral are both subjects he favours. He depicts such buildings with a great sense of monumentality, drawing emphasis to their architectural and structural beauty and often illuminating them dramatically against the skyline.

    While London provides a natural starting point, Terence explores a wealth of other cities; he introduces us to the buzz of New York, street and plazas to spectacular views over Paris, and to the intimacy of the Venetial palazzos. A skilled draughtsman, Terence sketches or paints in watercolour in situ, before translating his images into oils. His primary interest lies in studying the way  light falls upon the scene before him. He uses light as a means of bringing his cityscapes to life and he favours dawn and sunset when light contrasts are at their extreme. His paintings of Venice  as the sun sets and rises, have an incredible sense of atmosphere and impart a transfixing beauty and tranquility…

    Terence Gilbert began his ‘official’ artistic training at the Camberwell Art School, although his father’s position at the National Gallery allowed him to gain further valuable experience studying the techniques of the Old Masters. He began working the competitive world of advertising as a freelance illustrator, before deciding to devote  himself entirely to fine art.

    Terence’s range of work is remarkably varied and cityscapes comprise only one part of his oeuvre. He is extremely well known and is highly regarded for his equestrian portraits and his paintings on racing and sporting themes. Moreover, he has achieved international renown for his portraiture. His most significant commissions include a painting of H.M. The Queen and President Ronald Reagan riding at Windsor, which was presented to the President at the White house and a protrait of H.M. King Hussein of Jordan painted at Sandhurst. He has been commissioned by stars of film and stage, as well as painting many sporting heroes including Zara Phillips on her famous horse, Toytown.

    Terence has exhibited successfully worldwide and is in constant demand for new paintings.

  • HOWARTH, Anna

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    There is a celebratory aspect to Anna Howarth’s work, which refers to the rituals of cultural identity and the joy that it brings. The cyclic pattern of the seasons and the human response to natural phenomena is represented by paper-cutting which in itself is a very basic art form, containing elements of folklore.

    Anna Howarth’s work explores two contrasting themes, the visible and the invisible: the light and the shadow. The visible is her study of human nature, created from imagination and memories. The invisible explores the unconscious: a thread, which loosely connects her work to Celtic mythology, folklore and fairy tales. Anna Howarth’s drawings stimulate a narrative, which is created by a technique of precision cutting with a sharp blade. Restricting this method to a paper silhouette, contrasting against a light background the work exploits the intrinsic properties of light, shape, narrative and structure and generates many possibilities, thus enabling the viewer to see themselves and the world in new and different ways. Life is like the narratives she assembles.

    Anna Howarth’s pictures are symbols and stories from the past, present and the future, from dreams and from poems. The primal qualities of a silhouetted world are inhabited by characters from childhood memories, bringing forth powerful experiences shared by all. Such is the universal code, that a narrative is instantly recognised by the cut-out animals and children, who venture across the enchanted paper landscapes, existing somewhere between an innocent reverie and a wished for dream.

  • HYDE, Catherine

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    In her third Solo Exhibition at Foss Fine Art, Catherine Hyde elevated her favoured subject matter: stags, owl and hares, to new heights in a series of large scale paintings.

    Catherine Hyde’s sense of poetry and other worldliness is ever present. She expertly captured glimpses of animals as they move gracefully through the landscape, caught in the moment. Her particular focus in this series had been to marry this ethereal quality with a strong sense of the physicality of the animal she was portraying. Overall Catherine Hyde created a world that is at once magical and yet deeply tied to the earthly world with the suggestion of light rising.

  • KINMONT, Andrew

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    Andrew graduated from University of Wales with a first class Fine Art honours degree, obtaining further training from St Martins College London and West Dean College, Chichester.

    In 2014 he was elected as an Associate Member of the prestigious Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. His work has appeared on the cover of various magazines and catalogues and published in ‘101 Abstract and Non-Figurative Artworks’ (Published 2015). He exhibits work extensively, including regular selection for the Royal Institute of Oil Painters annual exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.

    In recognition of his growing status his name was recently added to the notable “Who’s Who in Art’ (Movern Press). He currently lives and works in Chester, Cheshire.

  • LECOURT, Elisabeth

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    Sensitivity and vulnerability are the main subjects in the work of the artist Elisabeth Lecourt. In the work of Elisabeth Lecourt the feminine figure is seen like the spine of her house, like an essential component of this particular world. But the woman like structure to medular can be a contradiction, because although funge like the strong part that maintains the building, is also vulnerable and touching. The vulnerability of the human being, the fragility of the bodies exposed by Lecourt proposes a painful beauty as well, as much by the emotional thing of the topic like by its own necessity to understand our body and what there is within us.

  • MASON, Georgie

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    Originally from Suffolk, London-based artist Georgie Mason specialises in semi-abstract landscape paintings. Usually beginning to paint from a certain point of a blank sheet of board and working outwards, Georgie’s ideas develop as she works. Her initial vision, taken from photographs or even just a memory itself, may be completely overridden as she continues to add marks. Though working mainly in oils, her passion for finding new and interesting textures has often led to her own experimentation with different media, such as splashing watercolours over oil, or scratching through oil to reveal acrylic below.  She uses her fingers as well as traditional brushes to apply the paint, but also finds more exciting and unexpected textures come from toothbrushes, strips of cut cardboard, and cloths. Inspired by memories of her own travels, particularly in Japan, Thailand and Vietnam, Georgie aims to capture the feeling of a place as she remembers it.  Her main focus is for the painting to have its own personality and evoke an atmosphere, something that comes from her enjoyment of creating the work itself. Her own mood will always affect the end result, too. If she really enjoys the process of creating a piece, the chances are she will be happy with it.

    As well as taking regular commissions since her Art Foundation in 2010, Georgie has had her work in exhibitions around the UK and internationally. These include ‘Out from the Net’ at The St. Edmundsbury Cathedral Gallery, Suffolk, ‘Joie de Vivre’ at Lavenham Hall Gallery in Suffolk and the London and the Amsterdam Coffee Festivals.  She has been shortlisted for the Royal Bath and West Society Scholarship and recently won the Young Artists’ Prize in the Bath Society of Artists Annual Exhibition.  Her work is currently on show at Foss Fine Art, Battersea and future exhibitions include the Summer Exhibition at The Aldeburgh Gallery in August, The Cambridge Art Fair in October and a solo exhibition at Lavenham Hall Gallery in Spring 2016.


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