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  • MCLAREN, Sally

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    Landscape in all its facets preoccupies me. The air, the elements, the geological make-up. The life that springs in landscape, the spirit of it, the growth and organisms of centuries, the effects of wind and rain and sun, and the marks left by man from past to present. In my work – painting, drawing, etching – I seek to convey these elements, the energy and the spirit and rhythm that surrounds us.

  • NEWTON, Robert

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    Robert Newton describes his work as “Painting Nature,” as a direct response to his immediate surroundings; exploring colour, composition and expression yet maintaining the very traditions of British painting. Making sketches as well his own visual notes Robert Newton paints intuitively and expressively with bold sweeping brushstrokes that sum up whole passages of his subject. Painting on location and in the studio, Robert often reworks paintings intuitively to produce a completed work.

  • ROBINSON, Paul

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    Paul Robinson grew up in the Cumbrian village of Lazonby, in the heart of the Eden Valley. Moving to London, he became a successful illustrator, working for many publications including The Sunday Times, Radio Times and Time Out magazine, whilst also exhibiting at The Thumb Gallery in London’s Soho. Eventually moving away from the world of commissioned work, Paul began to develop his own projects, pursuing his fascination for the City (of London) and its workers. Having moved to Norfolk in 1999, he now has a whole new world to explore; in contrast to the City with it’s high rise office blocks to the Norfolk landscape consisting of an immeasurable expanse of sea and sky, Paul admits it proved quite a challenge. But with not a city worker in sight, he has now turned his attention to the subjects on his door-step to fuel his imagination – the result being a wonderful new series of paintings which give us a quirky and humorous snapshot of everyday life on and around the North Norfolk coast. Paul Robinson’s work is included in private, corporate and public collections, worldwide.

  • ROSE, Nicola

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    Nicola Rose studied her foundtion Course at the Suffolk College of Art, BA Illustration/graphic design at Maidstone College of Art & Design, MA Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic and PGCE post compulsory in Art and Design at Northbrook College.

    “I seek to capture the essence of the weather, natural structures, and water through the use of oil paint, this new work is based on an extended trip to the Outer Hebrodies. The paintings are a personal response to the extreme forces of nature.”

    “To me painting is a pure, physical act that allows me to put myself into the work. To achieve my results I use large flat ended brushes, palette knives and my hands: I apply paint, sand and iron-filings blended with the paint to create texture. The paint is layered allowing the painting to evolve over time. As a result each canvas consists of many paintings layered one on top of the other, creating a rich history of colours and textures” – Nicola Rose

  • ROYSTON, Debra

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    With each of her paintings, often inspired by land or seascapes, Debra Royston is seeking to access not only her sub conscious, but also that of the viewer. Using shifts of colour and light the paintings slowly reveal themselves – showing, quite deliberately, the hand of the artist – hoping to engage the observer and take them with her.

    Debra Royston paints instinctively and intuitively. She often mixes colours straight onto the canvas and revels in the process of the unexpected, absorbing each colour and mark as it take its place within the canvas – like an old wall revealing its story.

    Debra Royston works on a painting constantly building then scraping away, like sculpting the surface of the canvas – sometimes making sense and then moving into an unexpected direction to deconstruct a scene or to capture the essence of a moment.

  • TURNER RWA, Nicholas

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    The paintings of Nicholas Turner RWA reflect a gentle disposition and a poetic modesty. They are calm and unhurried and hark back to a time of peace and tranquillity; subtle reminders of the fundamentals of life. Thus we see a garden, a house, a companion, a dog; all held together in a composition based on the sphere, the cylinder and the cube.

    And although Cézanne may be a significant mentor for  Nicholas Turner, it is to the Pointillists and the early influence of his teacher Alfred Stockham that give these paintings their calm authority. Indeed they may even carry the echo of David Inshaw’s domestic exteriors but here again it is a nodding acquaintance rather than direct homage.

    Each of the Nicholas Turner paintings is understated and contained within a classic framework. There is no bluster or braggadocio but rather the quiet self-confidence of an artist who has rejected high drama for serious inner contemplation. They are of the soul and the spirit; of harmony and rhythm; of honesty and peace.

    We have yet to see the broadening of the vision of Nicholas Turner, but with a namesake of such distinction we can confidently expect that the secure foundation upon which these delightful paintings are based will lead to as yet uncharted territory. Indeed the inclusion of a ship’s sail, the glimpse of the sea or a boat’s funnel are perhaps symbolic of journeys yet to be made.

    In the meantime there is much to appreciate from a Nicholas Turner who is mature beyond his years. His sense of colour and instinctive restraint in creating his shadowy world of mystery is that of a natural storyteller and we are the richer for being allowed a glimpse of his unique domain.

    Derek Balmer
    P.P.R.W.A, Royal West of England Academy

  • WAKE, Lorraine

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    “My paintings of interiors develop associations with time and place, where everyday objects suggest intimacy yet without human presence. Colour evokes mood and the layered surfaces reveal a history of process. A memory. The compositions arouse curiousity and invite questions about what may have happened or what is about to begin. My 2011 ‘Lost in an illusory Landscape’ paintings are a natural progression from my ‘interiors’, some of which had no sense of being confined of recogniseable boundaries, walls or ceilings. These are open abstracted fields of natural form and colour and like the sky, ground or water capture little jewels or facets, where the whole or the unformed is manifest into the specific. These ‘dreamscapes’ provide a luxurious bed upon which possibilities may occur, an arena for contemplation where the layers of applied paint seem to peel back time. The gift of space reveals an inner openess where dreams and memories can take place. A space in which one can get lost.

    In between the ‘Interior’ and ‘ landscape’ paintings I discovered a gap….a kind of settling.

    Looking at flowers have led to a number of still life paintings which have brought about an investigation into the semiology of nature. Flowers have become a natural progression into my work without which poetic communication would be denied.” – Lorraine Wake

  • WARD, Helen

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    Helen Ward is a Bristol based designer and maker. Having graduated from UWE Bristol in 2001 with a graphic design degree, Helen Ward started working as a paper engineer making pop-up books whilst training as a traditional bookbinder. Nowadays, Helen works from her little studio, armed with a scalpel and a very large stack of paper!

    The original idea for the Paper Entomology artwork comes from a collection of Victorian hand marbled paper that Helen acquired during her time working at a bindery. Some of the patterns in the papers reminded her of butterfly wings – and so the idea of paper entomology began…

    Helen started exhibiting her work in 2008 and has since exhibited her work at a number of venues across the UK, as well as taking part in several international shows in places such as Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong.

    “I will never get bored of cutting these intricate pieces as their patterns are all so beautiful! I am so happy to give this paper a new lease of life, rather than allowing it to sit in a drawer never to be seen again. I feel so fortunate to have such amazing examples of traditional craftsmanship and it’s brilliant to be able to share them in this way.”
    All Helen’s framing uses conservation grade glass and acid-free mountings to keep the vibrant colours on the paper looking as fresh as the day they were made!

  • WATT, Alice

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    Alice Watt is a painter and textile designer based in London. She
    completed her Foundation Diploma at Chelsea College of Art and then
    went on to complete a BA honours degree in Textile Design at Central
    Saint Martins.
    Inspired by the drama of nature, Alice uses sweeping brushstrokes and
    luminous colours to convey her emotional response to the natural
    Her work is characterised by her spontaneous, instinctive and
    impulsive mark making, and focuses mainly on landscapes from her roots
    in New Zealand.

  • WHEELER, David

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    David Wheeler was trained as a mechanical designer and worked in London for many years in design and production, creating and designing machinery used in the production of anything from bottles to offshore oil rigs.

    David Wheeler gave up this successful career to move to Cornwall and pursue a lifelong dream of painting full time. Although based in Cornwall David’s subject matter is constantly pulled back to London and his time spent living there. A particular fascination for David Wheeler is the mix between the old and new buildings that create the skyline so unique to London. He often peppers these architectural scenes with thronging crowds evoking the hustle and bustle of the capital he knows so well.

    David Wheeler works exclusively from memory, preferring to engage constantly with his painting rather than trying to rigorously copy something. In this way David is able to achieve a wonderful looseness and freedom in his work designing really clever compositions that are totally unique.

    David Wheeler is collected nationally and internationally and in recent years David has exhibited in London, New York, Salzburg, Toronto and Chicago.

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