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  • 2015 10th Anniversary Exhibition

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    3rd – 24th December 2015

    This Christmas, FossFineArt is celebrating 10 years as a gallery. In celebration of this, gallery favourites such as David Brayne, Nicholas Turner and Catherine Hyde, are all contributing work in honour of the anniversary. With a stunning array of work from almost twenty different artists, FossFineArt predicts this Christmas exhibition to be the most exquisite to date.

    Artists include: Nicholas Turner, David Brayne, Catherine Hyde, Nicola Rose, Elisabeth LeCourt, Robert Newton, Stephanie Stow, Sally Maclaren, Jeremy Gardiner, Marilyn Browning, Georgie Mason, Helen Ward, Georgina Warne, Jackie Morris and Lorraine Wake

  • 2015 Affordable Art Fair

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    12th – 15th March 2015

    Artists by page:

    Michael Bennett p.1
    Mary-Jane Evans p.1
    Jeremy Gardiner p.1-2
    Catherine Hyde p.2
    Alex Johannsen p.2
    Keith Menear p.3
    Nicola Rose p.3
    Debra Royston p.4
    Devi Singh p.4
    Stephanie Stow p.4-5
    Ali Tomlin p.5
    Nicholas Turner p.5-6
    Lorraine Wake p.6

  • 2015 Colours Of Spring

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    9th May – 6th June 2015

    As Spring blossoms so does another exciting group exhibition of fresh and contemporary art at FOSSFINEART. Five artists, two of whom are new to the Gallery, centre on the theme of nature, bringing their own distinctive and lyrical style. Bold and vibrant landscapes hang alongside striking but delicate flowers and stunning 3-dimensional work in the form of delicate paper entomology and exquisite shirts and dresses made from old reproduction maps.

    ‘Colour of Spring’ is an exciting exhibition injecting some well deserved vitality into Spring.

    Artists include: Charlotte Hardy, Angie Kenber, Elisabeth Lecourt, Devi Singh and Helen Ward

  • 2015 David Brayne RWS Exhibition

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    14th February – 7th March 2015

    In the long awaited solo exhibition David Brayne RWS delicately builds up layers of pigment, taken from his extensive personal collection, creating an almost ‘glow-like’ quality to the surface of his paintings. His works have a timeless feel to them and an inherent sense of calm, with boats gliding over water, setting nets to catch fish, scenic river walks or figures bathing at the shore. Brayne’s uniquely sensitive touch is prevalent throughout this exhibition and once again he has produced a wonderfully atmospheric and captivating collection of work.

  • 2015 David Wheeler Exhibition

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    17th January – 7th February 2015

    London cityscapes peppered with Lowry-esque crowds are the focal point of this solo exhibition by David Wheeler. A limited palette of soft blues, greys and browns combined with his gift of capturing London’s hazy light, Wheeler conveys the fluidity of the city and its crowd with real aplomb. This solo exhibition will feature in particular some beautiful spots in South-West London, such as Battersea Power Station and The Albert Bridge, to name a few. Wide set panoramas will feature alongside smaller close ups of these London landmarks. For anyone with a passion for London, this is a must-see exhibition.

  • 2015 Debra Royston Exhibition

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    7th – 28th November 2015

    A mesmerising palette of greens, blues, turquoises and earthy hues set the tone for Debra Royston’s serene collection of paintings for her second solo exhibition at Foss Fine Art. Built up in ‘mist-like’ layers and scraped back, her paintings of land and seascapes are ambiguous yet highly tangible. Royston revels in her mark making, working on a piece organically until it has reached it’s ‘conclusion’.

    Royston’s exhibition centres on the emotional landscape of life – through the journeys we take and the experiences that make us who we are.  Every life is individual and therefore the paintings seek not to impose personal emotions onto the viewer rather to portray them open to interpretation.

    Each layer formed onto the canvas holds significance as Royston pours emotions into the work, developing the paintings to expose the core.

  • 2015 Fame & Promise

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    3rd – 24th October 2015

    This October, FossFineArt welcomes you to a Modern Master print exhibition featuring twentieth century luminaries such as Sir Peter Blake and Bruce McLean, whose bold and confident approaches to print making proved influential to their contemporaries and also to a generation of younger artists. Lucy Farley explores fragments of memory, past sensations and experiences and Dan Baldwin’s unique take on the world contrasts reality and the world of imagination. We are thrilled to have such a talented group of artists together in one space.

    Artists: Sir Peter Blake, Bruce McLean, Dan Baldwin and Lucy Farley

  • 2015 Summer Exhibition

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    13th June – 14th July 2015

    This summer FOSSFINEART plays host to an exciting group exhibition. With a wide range of the gallery’s favourite artists involved, such as Robert Newton, Lorraine Wake and Nicholas Turner RWA, we are taking this opportunity to introduce the refreshing new artist, Georgie Mason, to the gallery. ‘Summer Exhibition’ is set rouse as much excitement as the sensational weather.

    Artists include: Nicholas Turner RWA, Lorraine Wake, Robert Newton, Debra Royston, Nicola Rose, Ingrid Saag and introducing Georgie Mason

  • 2016 Affordable Art Fair

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    10th – 13th March 2016
    Stand J8

    Artist include:
    Mary-Jane Evans – p.1
    Jeremy Gardiner – p.1
    Georgie Mason – p.1-2
    Keith Menear – p.2
    Nicola Rose – p.2
    Debra Royston – p.2-3
    Devi Singh – p.3
    Stephanie Stow – p.3-4
    Ali Tomlin – p.4
    Nicholas Turner RWA – p.4-5
    Helen Ward – p.5-6

  • 2016 Catherine Hyde Exhibition

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    The Running Of The Deer
    A Collection of New Work by Catherine Hyde
    12 November – 1 December 2016

    Prints available to purchase here

    The Running Of The Deer is the latest collection of paintings by Cornish artist Catherine Hyde at FossFineArt gallery.

    Well known for her atmospheric and symbolic paintings this rich and sumptuous collection focuses on imagery drawn from early carols and poems to create a body of work that celebrates the winter season. The show also features works from “The Star Tree” (published this summer by Frances Lincoln), Hyde’s dreamlike and lyrical picture book for children.

    “She is, if you will, a visual poet weaving images, symbols and archetypes into paintings that resonate in the subconscious and linger there like half remembered dreams or the dark fairy stories with which she has such affiliation” Pip Palmer, 2011

  • 2016 Christmas Exhibition

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    3rd December – 23rd December 2016

    Terence Gilbert p.1
    Alex Johannsen p.1
    Andrew Kinmont p.1
    Georgie Mason p.1
    Jane Muir p.1-2
    Tessa Pearson p.2
    Dinny Pocock p.2
    Nicola Rose p.2
    Debra Royston p.2
    Devi Singh p.2
    Stephanie Stow p.2-3
    Ali Tomlin p.3
    Nicholas Turner RWA p.3

  • 2016 Nicola Rose Exhibition

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    30th January – 27th February 2016

    “These paintings are a response to my fascination with wild places that are always at the mercy of the elements, the power and the drama of water, skies and the edge of land.”

    FossFineArt is delighted to invite you to ‘Isles of Colour and Light’, the stunning solo exhibition by Nicola Rose.  This series of paintings are a response to the artist’s fascination with powerful seas, dramatic skies and jagged rock or cliff edges where land meets water.  This is a new body of work that Rose developed during her time on the Scottish Isles of Mull and Iona this Autumn, and the resulting works reflect the ever changing quality of light, colour and personal connection with the spiritual isolation of these beautiful islands.

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