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  • PEARCE, Carly

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    Carly Pearce’s talent was first recognised, whilst studying for her A-Levels, when she was selected to exhibit a life drawing at the Royal Academy of Arts. This, and an evening class in Photography, led Pearce to pursue her passion and she completed a Foundation course at the Wimbledon College of Art (2000 – 2001), graduating with a Distinction.

    Carly Pearce went on to the Central School of St Martins, (2001 – 2004), where she attained a 2:1 BA Hons in Graphic Design specialising in Advertising which allowed her to develop originality and creativity.

    Whilst studying, Carly Pearce also worked part-time for the design house, Brickworks Marketing Communications (2001 – 2002) working for many prestigious clients, including The National Grid, and the London Aquarium and WTCS (2004 – 2005) in the creative department on campaigns for The Independent Newspaper, Superdrug, Silverspoon, Daihatsu and The Department of Health amongst others.

    More recently, Carly Pearce has chosen to return to explore her love of photography. C-TYPE PHOTOGRAPHS:

    Photographic process prints are made using our Chromira. Known as digital C-Types, it produces digital C41 process prints up to 30″ wide. Taking up the area of a small room, it is considered by those in the know as the cutting edge in digital photographic printing. Since a digital C Type is a true photographic process print, the colour integrity and ability for C-Types to produce subtle variance of tone is unparalleled.

    C-Types also have an outstanding capacity for longevity – which is why digital c types are considered by the industry as true archival quality. Using LED diodes to expose the paper, digital c-type technology means that for each red, green and blue channel, 256 levels of tone are able to be produced per pixel.

    With the addition of a stunning array of paper types available, digital C Types are truly a revolutionary step in the ability for photographers to produce truly beautiful prints.   An acrylic seal protects the front of the print and are scuff resistant and help to reduce UV damage to the print.

  • VOSPER, Clive

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    ‘I studied, Printmaking, Paintings and Photography at Brighton Poltechnic in the the 1960’s and returned to the renamed Brighton University in 1986 to study for the MA in Fine Art Printmaking.

    I have exhibited widely in the UK, plus two solo shows in the US, where I was invited to lecture on my work.

    The subject of my work is Landscape in all its moods, climate, forms and history, ranging from the view outside the window to very wild and challenging places.
    My interpretation of the subject is, at the moment, through exploring ideas of Liminal spaces and the Japanese concept of “Ma” roughly translated as “negative space”.’

    Private and public collections:
    The British Council, Clydesdale Bank, Kingston College, Sutton Library, Liverpool Museum, IBM, Birmingham City Art Gallery, Cambridge Library, Bedales Schoool, Kent Education Authority, Open University and Rank Xerox.

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