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Alongside her growing reputation within the painting scene, Ruth has become well established and known for her wire and mixed media sculptures, where wire is used to transform a drawn line into energetic three dimensional sculpture. The majority of Ruth’s wire sculptures concentrate on her love of the Hare and bird-life. Fascinated and drawn to the colour, texture and the density that wire offers, Ruth sketches, and builds life into each piece, through a series of twists and binds. Movement being fundamental to each creation, allowing a life spirit to emulate and a individuality and character to shine. Mysterious and elusive, the Hare has always been a source of fascination and intrigue for Ruth. Wrapped up with magic and folk law they emit a true sense of freedom and essence of the wild. Ruth uses pen, ink and watercolours to capture the beauty of these fleeting creatures, aiming to reproduce the graceful movement and slenderness of form. Hares represent to Ruth the beauty of the natural world and their wildness and mystic strike a deep cord with her own spirit.


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