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‘I studied, Printmaking, Paintings and Photography at Brighton Poltechnic in the the 1960’s and returned to the renamed Brighton University in 1986 to study for the MA in Fine Art Printmaking.

I have exhibited widely in the UK, plus two solo shows in the US, where I was invited to lecture on my work.

The subject of my work is Landscape in all its moods, climate, forms and history, ranging from the view outside the window to very wild and challenging places.
My interpretation of the subject is, at the moment, through exploring ideas of Liminal spaces and the Japanese concept of “Ma” roughly translated as “negative space”.’

Private and public collections:
The British Council, Clydesdale Bank, Kingston College, Sutton Library, Liverpool Museum, IBM, Birmingham City Art Gallery, Cambridge Library, Bedales Schoool, Kent Education Authority, Open University and Rank Xerox.


Clive Vosper – click image to enlarge

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