SAAG, Ingrid

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I was born and grew up in Georgetown, Guyana.

I trained in illustration at art colleges in London and Brighton. This led to a busy career for some 20 years as a freelance illustrator in publishing, packaging and advertising. Clients included Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer, IBM, The Natural History Museum, British Rail, National Rivers Authority, Dulux, Time Life and Readers Digest.

Meanwhile I began to develop skills with clay, studying under established figures such as Jill Crowley, Caroline Whyman and Tessa Fuchs and started exhibiting my ceramics in 1994.

I set up my studio in Kingston Upon Thames in 2005 and in 2007 was selected for professional membership of the Craft Potters Association. My work has been sold in the UK and worldwide.


Clear, vivid colours, an integral feature of my work, were probably instilled into my psyche during my childhood growing up in the tropics.

Colour has a powerful therapeutic action, which can have a healing and rebalancing effect for both the artist and the viewer. Every day we take in colour energy in various forms through the clothes we wear, from the colour schemes in our homes and offices, and even by the colour of the foods we eat.

For example, blue has a calming influence, relieves inflammation and can be helpful for dealing with hypertension and insomnia. Orange is the colour of imagination, vital energy and optimism, which can stimulate the respiratory system and an under-active thyroid gland. While yellow, the colour of the mind and intellect, can promote clear thinking, the ability to think on a philosophical level, and also stimulate the lymphatic system and intestinal tract.

It is possible that the colours I am drawn to use on any given day are an emotional or psychological response to how I am feeling.

The human figure is a favourite subject, often used in the context of my life experience and interests, or with reference to poetry and other written material. Some pieces are inscribed with poetry describing the passions, lusts, furies and joys inspired by human love.

Landscape and the natural world can also be a starting point for some of my designs.

My vases and bowls are hand painted, either one-offs or made in small editions. They are slip cast with white earthenware clay and often altered after removal from the mould, to produce a highly individual art piece.


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