Founder and director of Foss Fine Art, established in 2001.


My parents were huge collectors of Contemporary and Applied Art and it was inevitable that after working for many years in art galleries, and a  partner in a bespoke framing company, that I  would fullfill my dream in opening my own art dealership. Specialising in Contemporary British  and Applied Fine Art with an emphasis on  promoting emerging and mid-career artists who have a strong narrative which encourages the imagination and challenges the viewer’s perception.


Artists include: Sir Peter Blake, Marilyn Browning, Jeremy Gardiner, Byran Hanlon,Sophie Harding, Catherine Hyde, Elisabeth Lecourt, Jane Muir, Nichola Rose, Debra Royston, Ali Tomlin, Nicholas Turner RWA and Georgina Warne.


I also specialise in sourcing suitable artworks for private and corporate clients, understanding their requiremnts and aestheitics, putting proposals together iwhich can also include framing and installation.