Marilyn Browning

Marilyn Browning’s understated paintings are a treat. At first one sees a table, or a vase of flowers, a pair of shoes, isolated from their everyday surroundings. Delicate and dreamlike, her seemingly ‘simple’ canvases are instantly memorable. “Scraps of memory come and go, ideas come slantwise, one thought enlarges another, they appear random, unrelated, until suddenly and stunningly, they don’t. Links are made and the subject of the painting begins to reveal itself to me. “Freud referred to the unconscious as opportunist, and it is in this sense that painting can be understood as a kind of watching and waiting. It is sometimes during the still and concentrated observation of ordinary objects that partial memories and vague feelings begin to surface, and the lifelessness of these inanimate subjects become endowed with enough presence to be felt.” – Marilyn Browning Since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts in 1999, Marilyn has steadily built a strong reputation and has exhibited widely, mostly in Cornwall and London.