Therese James

Therese James is a full time artist who has been painting and exhibiting since 1993. As a member of the Naive School she works from a compulsion to recreate what she feels and sees. Being a self taught naive she relies purely on an instinctive approach to her art and has developed her own style with representative characters who inhabit the world of her paintings.

Her work can be seen in galleries throughout the UK and the Affordable Art Fairs. Her work is in collections as far afield as America, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Therese gets much of her inspiration from the places and literature of her native Wales and the West Country.

She was selected for ‘Welsh Artist of the Year’ and invited to represent ‘The Countryside Council for Wales’ in an exhibition in ‘The Royal Welsh Show’ and 'The Eisteddfodd'.


Artist Statement

It is an understood fact that you cannot teach naive art - it has to come from within in order to create this work - what is taught cannot be untaught so it has to be a natural progression.

I paint the way I paint because I do not know 'the rules', my paintings are a journey of discovery. Each painting is unique, I never know how I am going to get there - I only know I have to and that when the journey is complete I will know. Each one is a roller coaster of emotions, a journey to places once visited in my mind and heart. There is a Welsh word 'Hiraeth' - which loosely translated means 'a longing for home'. I suppose that is what best describes what continously fires me to keep painting. I am always seeking to return to my 'Never, Never Land'.