Chris Williamson

Chris Williamson, originally a qualified illustrator and trained graphic designer, (working for clients such as Gateway Foodmarkets, Winsor & Newton artist materials and Crayola), Chris now lives in Bedfordshire, where he works from his home studio. He loves visiting Norfolk & Suffolk whenever he gets the chance, for the “big skies, superb real ale and friendly locals”. London when he wants more hustle and bustle. He grew up with an interest in cartooning and sites artists such as Paul Sample and Ralph Steadman as having an early influence on his work. Fine art wise - Van Gogh, L.S. Lowry and Stanley Spencer, but more recently - Gary Bunt and Sam Toft.

“I have been interested in drawing for most of my life, and have always kept sketchbooks. Some of the sketches eventually become paintings; most of which are oil on panel”.


Featuring a gaunt owner and his faithful Jack Russell Barton Darcy, the paintings come with humorous ‘ditties’. Small 4 line poems about the world as the dog sees it. “These began at least fifteen years ago. I would think of a title, and annotate the sketches, and It just evolved really. I always felt it was a bit of a gimmick, however, when I didn’t do them on a batch for a local gallery, they castigated me! So now I do them for everything, and I feel it helps ‘ground’ the work. Besides, I like to give people a grin if possible”.


Often described as ‘whimsical’, he regularly exhibits in Norfolk and Suffolk but also Herts, Bucks, Cambs and London,