Penny Little

I (Penny Little) am a self-taught ceramicist and I hand-form delicate porcelain vessels, sculptures, bowls and bud vases out of black and white porcelain. The making process never fails to inspire me as it is a unique combination of hand and heart and you really can’t think of anything else when you are making, which is such a gift.  Starting out with a lump of porcelain, I place it in my left palm and pull it into the shape I want with my right. A few days later I will pick up the piece again when it is beginning to dry (for the first of several times) and carve into it to create the shape I want. The piece is then fired in the kiln three times, first the biscuit firing, then the glaze firing to a much higher temperate and then finally the lustre which is carefully painted onto the glaze before being fired for a third and final time. I line most of my work with platinum and gold lustre adding depth, reflection and celebration leaving the exterior of my work unglazed to create a tactile juxtaposition with the smooth 'molten-looking’ lustre interior. Lustre is a very tricky material to work with, especially on larger areas, and I never know if it will have worked perfectly until I open the kiln! I never make anything bigger than I can comfortably create in my hand because I want to keep a constant connection between the clay and my hands throughout the making process. My work is fluid, fine and asymmetrical and no two pieces are ever the same.