Rose Shorrock

Rose Shorrock’s love of art and interest in colour was nurtured during her time at Marlborough.  Robin Child taught her to look, draw, mix colour and paint. The Art School was home for her, and provided an inspiring and often challenging environment which gave her the ambition to pursue the subject at University. 


Her recent work has been influenced by the sights, sounds and memories of the landscape, in particular the Pewsey Vale in Wiltshire. She is also influenced by strange and surprising juxtapositions of colour and form which occur in day-to-day life. How each colour reacts when laid next to, or over other colours, offers a constant path of discovery, and each painting arrives at a different conclusion, despite the starting point being similar.


Rose returned to Marlborough College initially to be the Artist-in-Residence.  She then spent a number of years teaching in the Art department and now teaches Art History whilst continuing to develop her own painting.