Linda Franklin

Having spent years  working on paper and exploring the exciting fusion between Chinese expressionistic ink painting with the dashing virtuoso style of abstract expressionism I felt ready to “return to canvas” with colour  taking  centre stage.  My thoughts go from the Scottish colourists, to Richter and and back to the wonderful Helen Frankenthaler.


Although studio based many different things inspire me.  It may be a specific moment in life, or  witnessing the beauty and grandeur of nature or the hustle and bustle of the cities. Taking risks all the time, balancing the gap between chaos and control to ultimately produce harmony is how I work.


Whatever the beginnings, ultimately, without recourse to realism, I want to create a space where it is possible to stop and dream a while. where the  paint is free to use its own unique, yet universal language to open the door to that special place, somewhere on the edge – between reality and fantasy.