Nicola Rose

Nicola Rose studied her foundtion Course at the Suffolk College of Art, BA Illustration/graphic design at Maidstone College of Art & Design, MA Fine Art Printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic and PGCE post compulsory in Art and Design at Northbrook College.


“I seek to capture the essence of the weather, natural structures, and water through the use of oil paint, this new work is based on an extended trip to the Outer Hebrodies. The paintings are a personal response to the extreme forces of nature.”


“To me painting is a pure, physical act that allows me to put myself into the work. To achieve my results I use large flat ended brushes, palette knives and my hands: I apply paint, sand and iron-filings blended with the paint to create texture. The paint is layered allowing the painting to evolve over time. As a result each canvas consists of many paintings layered one on top of the other, creating a rich history of colours and textures” – Nicola Rose