David Wheeler

David Wheeler was trained as a mechanical designer and worked in London for many years in design and production, creating and designing machinery used in the production of anything from bottles to offshore oil rigs.


David Wheeler gave up this successful career to move to Cornwall and pursue a lifelong dream of painting full time. Although based in Cornwall David’s subject matter is constantly pulled back to London and his time spent living there. A particular fascination for David Wheeler is the mix between the old and new buildings that create the skyline so unique to London. He often peppers these architectural scenes with thronging crowds evoking the hustle and bustle of the capital he knows so well.


David Wheeler works exclusively from memory, preferring to engage constantly with his painting rather than trying to rigorously copy something. In this way David is able to achieve a wonderful looseness and freedom in his work designing really clever compositions that are totally unique.


David Wheeler is collected nationally and internationally and in recent years David has exhibited in London, New York, Salzburg, Toronto and Chicago.