Georgina Warne

Georgina Warne completed a degree in Ceramics and Glass from Birmingham and an MA, with distinction, in Ceramics from Cardiff. She also studied in Papua New Guinea on a Commonwealth Foundation Fellowship in the Arts and Crafts.


The natural world, especially that of the British countryside, is an inspiration for the artist Georgina Warne. This becomes evident upon seeing the many facets of her highly individual work; original porcelain sculptures of hares and hounds each embellished with cobalt script and associated motifs – stoneware owls, raku fired, curious and compelling – upscale drawings in charcoal and crayon of favoured creatures – three dimensional hangings on hand made paper and suspended from bramble branches, of birds flying free and animals racing and chasing.


Print making is an important aspect of this artists work; Georgina Warne’s dry points involve the scribing of the desired images onto a plate, of copper and prespex, with a diamond tip. Once the drawing is complete Georgina then prints each, using her own press, from plate to paper. The editions are always low, often below 50 and sometimes just 5 or 10. Georgina hand colours every single print she produces with watercolour washes, in doing so every-one has a unique quality.