Debra Royston

7 - 28 November 2015

A mesmerising palette of greens, blues, turquoises and earthy hues set the tone for Debra Royston’s serene collection of paintings for her second solo exhibition at Foss Fine Art. Built up in ‘mist-like’ layers and scraped back, her paintings of land and seascapes are ambiguous yet highly tangible. Royston revels in her mark making, working on a piece organically until it has reached it’s ‘conclusion’.


Royston’s exhibition centres on the emotional landscape of life – through the journeys we take and the experiences that make us who we are.  Every life is individual and therefore the paintings seek not to impose personal emotions onto the viewer rather to portray them open to interpretation.


Each layer formed onto the canvas holds significance as Royston pours emotions into the work, developing the paintings to expose the core.